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This is a new page with information about the missions on Combat Box. It is in draft form, please excuse the mess. For each mission we provide an overview map (click for full-size) as well as a link to an JSON file. Download the JSON and the 'import' it into the mission planner if you would like to examine the map in more detail or plan out a bombing run.

Operation Paravane

Mission Planner JSON

German Destroyer Tirpitz is the heaviest warship ever built by a European navy. She has been threatening the safety of convoys between Great Britain and the Soviet Union and is a high priority target. The Allies have kept up a continued bombing campaign against the Tirpitz, causing the Germans to develop an artificial smoke-screen to protect the ship.

Allies must attack the Tirpitz and several other naval targets in order to win the map. If they are detected by radar en-route to the Tirpitz, the protective smoke-screen will be initiated, but requires five minutes to build up.

Axis players must defend their naval targets and can win the map by taking the fight to the Allies and destroying the bomber airfields being used to attack the Tirpitz.

Victory conditions:
The Allies can win by destroying all three naval targets, or two naval targets and three secondary targets. Axis can win by destroying both Allied bomber bases, or a single bomber base and three secondary targets. If neither side wins outright, the side that has destroyed more valuable targets will win the map.

Special thanks to Psyrion, Haluter, Col. Ninny, The Nines, Mordrac and NabuliO for advice and testing.